50 Steps to Becoming an Impact Entrepreneur

A book by Christian Ehl in collaboration with The DO

This Book Is About You

This book has been inspired by the impact entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that I have met over the past four years – and continue to meet – as a mentor at the DO School, in Berlin. These men and women are spearheading a new, global movement of purposeful DOers, a restless generation of optimistic people who dream of ways they can help create a better world, then take action to get them done. I want to share what I have learned from them, and from my own experience as a technology entrepreneur.

You can become part of this growing community of DOers. All you need are a sense of purpose, optimism, passion and energy, along with a few simple tools. With these, you can create positive change in a world that so desperately needs it. You just have to stop thinking about it and start DOing.

Because if you don’t, no one else will.

About Chris

I am a cycling addict, entrepreneur, CEO, author, speaker, networker and humanity activist. I travel the world by bike, I meet people by the heart and I consult businesses by my experience in growth and problem solving.

I wrote this little book in Sicily, in the early spring of 2018, while avoiding an unseasonly cold month in northern Germany. I woke up every morning much earlier than I usually DO and started writing and drawing. I loved every minute of it. I hope you will find its simple advice useful.

Christian Ehl

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What's Inside the Book





The DOer’s Manifesto

This is the age of the DOer.

At no other time in our history have technology, tools, and powerful social, information and communication networks been as affordable, widely distributed or as accessible as they are now. The ability to identify opportunity and quickly act upon it – to shape the world that we want to live in – and to enlist the imaginative and practical resources of others, wherever they might be, to help us DO it, is available to everybody.

In other words, DOing is more democratized than ever before. And it has never been more needed – at no other time in our history has the pace of change been as fast, or as relentless. Nor have the challenges been as complex and unpredictable. 

Today, those who act with the least delay to confront the myriad, extraordinary scenarios and problems that influence, evolve, or, worse, threaten our future are DOers. They are an essential, evolutionary force. 

DOers are not afraid of change. They embrace it.  Nor are they deterred by the scale of the challenges they take on, which are often among the most insistent and complicated of our time.

DOers understand that their greatest strength is passion aligned with a purpose. They are uncommonly effective at turning ideas into action.

DOing is never inadvertent. It is conscious, directed and purposeful. Its value is measured by the benefit derived by others.

DOing needs critical mass. It thrives within community. Doers achieve the greatest impact when they transcend culture, race and social status to cohere as a global community, focus on important problems, and work together in new ways to solve them.

Successful DOers learn and collaborate with others who are working towards the same goals but whose perspectives and approaches are often different. Diversity of thought – and action – is essential.

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Don't Talk. DO!
50 Steps To Becoming An Impact Entrepreneur
A book by Christian Ehl

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